Why Customer Service is Important

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We at F2F Telecommunications have heard countless horror stories from customers regarding contracts they were locked into and extremely poor customer service, partly as a result of auto-renew contracts and out of country support services. It seems to be a standard practice among larger companies in our industry to catch customers and then forget about their needs after the contract is signed.

Here at F2F Telecommunications, we pride ourselves on retaining customers because of our quality work, products, and service instead of contracts that trap you into our services. Here are five top reasons why we value customer service as part of our business strategy rather than a checkbox for what a company is supposed to have.

5 Top Reasons Why Customer Service is Important

Customer service is both a way to interact with your customers and a problem-solving solution that has a meaningful impact on the company, the employees, and the people you serve. There are many reasons why quality customer service is important to have in your business, but here are five of the best ones:

1) It's Cheaper to Retain

When you break down the numbers, it's far more profitable to keep your customers than to have a high turnover. Customer service is a major factor in retaining customers and building a loyal base, making a steady stream of profit from repeat sales that you can count on instead of constantly spending money to elicit new sales only. It's essentially very simple, the more customers you have the more profitable your company and the more growth potential you have. It's difficult to do this when you're constantly soliciting customers with no steady base.

2) Referrals Over Recruiting

Word-of-mouth is an old marketing strategy that will never lose its potency, simply because people are social and will tell their friends and family members about a company or product they like. Positive referrals come directly from existing customers and ones you've served in the past, and nothing damages a good reputation or creates negative word-of-mouth faster than poor customer service. The best part of having your customers say positive things about your service and brand is that it costs you nothing from your marketing budget.

3) Retaining Employees

Good customer service is partly built out of happy customer service agents and they're likely to be happier with policies that don't make them feel sleazy every day. Another aspect of how good customer service helps retain employees is management's drive to keep them happy, which means they'll work harder to satisfy your customers. It's a positive cycle that includes customer service strategy and keeping your employees happy to provide better customer service that is reinforced by the policies you have.

4) Proactive Opportunities

It's difficult to know that your company has an issue unless someone tells you about it. Having a good customer service team that actively listens to your customers can help you take a proactive approach to solve problems before they become big ones. This also means listening to your customer-facing employees and taking note of what they're trying to bring your attention to. Not only does this provide the opportunity to solve an issue before it grows out of control, but it also helps build customer loyalty and feeds retention.

5) Gives a Competitive Advantage

As we mentioned at the beginning, poor customer service seems to be a popular option amongst larger companies and that gives us at F2F Telecommunications a competitive advantage that we're dedicated to. By providing great customer service to our current customers, they're likely to spread the word to friends and family members that aren't happy with their current service. That can attract new customers to us and demonstrate to us that our customer service strategy is good for our customers, keeping both our company and our customers happy.

At F2F our customer service is not only in-country, but local to you. In addition to our free remote moves and changes, our on-site technicians are always available when needed. We are very proud that we’ve had the same customers for over a decade, and welcome new businesses to our services. We continuously work hard to ensure every new customer is as happy and stays with us as long as our current customers do. To learn more about us, please visit our About page, or visit our Products page to view the solutions we would be proud to provide your business.  

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