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Face-2-Face Telecommunications gives you more than just a phone. We provide you with a comprehensive business phone solution, complete with the hardware, excellent customer service, support, and security that your business needs. For one, low monthly price, we’ll provide you with a top of the line Executive Class Telephone and handle all of your system maintenance, upgrades, and troubleshooting throughout the life of your plan.

Phone Systems - Face-2-Face Telecommunications Managed Services.

Face-2-Face Telecommunications Managed Phone Service Plan

Each managed business phone service plan from F2F includes:

Telephone Lines & Trunking

High-End Enterprise Telephones

Security Gateway Firewall

Gigabit Data Switches

Wireless Access Point

Service & Maintenance Coverage

Free Remote Moves & Charges

No Contract

Business Phone and Internet

Face-2-Face Telecommunications Managed Services

$35/month per telephone or less!

Face-2-Face Telecommunicationsmakes it easy for you by providing phone system installation, maintenance, upgrades, and troubleshooting services over the life of your plan. We also provide you with all the hardware that you need to keep your phone systems running efficiently and securely. We do it all so that you can focus on running and growing your business.

At only $35 per month, per phone, our standard plan comes with all hardware, and support services included. In additional we offer quantity discounts and custom plans that could make your monthly costs even lower!

Contact one of our business phone system experts today to get a free quote! 

Some of our Enterprise Class Phone features include:

  • Support for up to 20 business lines
  • Up to 127 feature keys
  • HD Audio
  • Color Displays
  • Caller ID
  • Call Recording
  • Call Routing
  • Auto Attendant
  • Voicemail to Email + Transcription
  • Video Conferencing Compatibility

Start today for $35/month per telephone or less!

Our standard plan includes all the hardware and support services you need to get up and running. Contact us to learn about our quantity discounts and custom business phone plans, to save even more! 

Every Face-2-Face Telecommunications phone system comes standard with an Executive Class phone that provides you with crystal clear HD audio, support for up to 20 independent phone lines, a full-color display with up to 127 feature keys, and many more features that make connectivity easy. To keep your data fast and secure, we also throw in networking hardware (Gigabit PoE Data Switches, WiFi, and Firewall), as part of every plan.

If your business has limited on-site Information Technology support, that’s not a problem! Each of our phone systems comes with a comprehensive managed services plan. We’ll have a highly experienced, and knowledgeable team of technicians that can help you out with phone system maintenance, upgrades, troubleshooting, and free remote moves and changes! All of this is included in our low, monthly fee!

Our phone systems provide your business with a great deal of flexibility. Whether you’re running a small business, call center, or just need a single phone, our Top-Tier Cloud-Hosted services provide you with operational support, and hardware redundancy. Plus you’ll have the ability to keep in touch with your clients from anywhere, on virtually any mobile device or landline you choose. Our systems are easily scalable as well, allowing you to start with the services you need and expand as your business grows (including support for multiple locations).

Get a Free Consultation!

Not Ready to move to a hosted/managed VoIP services system? We can save you money on your existing analog telephone lines or PRI. Just give us a call! Face-2-Face Telecommunications professionals are here to answer your questions and help you get the right office phone system for your business. Call or contact us today for a free consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Managed Phone Services

Our service is a month-to-month offering. We specifically chose this option in the event your internet connection turns out to not be stable enough to support reliable voice transmissions (we didn’t want you stuck in a contract for service you weren’t able to fully utilize).

Absolutely! Remember, we’re month-to-month. Additions will simply be effective for the current billing month. Removals will be effective the following billing month

If you look closely at the model phones being offered in that “free” tier, you’ll see it's mainly very simple features and capabilities (such as, a single line IP phone with call waiting, or a 2-line phone). You might even discover the network connection on the phone doesn’t support gigabit ethernet, or that the phone’s screen is hard to read in black/white. We evaluated over 50 different IP phone models and selected the models that met our rigorous criteria at a phenomenal price. All of our models are capable of handling a minimum of 4 calls at a time, they include easy-to-read color screens, and all models support gigabit ethernet so your computer’s speed isn’t hindered by the phone. If you’re comparing our service to another company that is offering a low-end “free” phone, we can offer another model to be competitive, we just don’t usually recommend it because those models don’t provide an optimum user experience.

Our service is based on a BYOI (Bring Your Own Internet) model. You must provide a stable and reliable internet in order to successfully use our service. However, to assist in making sure your voice service has the best possible connection, we deploy a piece of equipment that prioritizes voice over all else. Your internet will connect to our switch and your firewall’s WAN port will connect to our switch’s “Customer Network” port. Lastly, your phones will connect to our switch’s VoIP port.

See What Our Customers Say

"Cincinnati Shakespeare Company has been a client of Face-2-Face Telecommunications Technologies in one form or another since 2005, and we have no plans to leave them."

Lettie V.

Managing Director - Cincinnati Shakespeare Company

"We highly recommend that Face-2-Face Telecommunications become your strategic partner too!"

Bruce R.

Management Excellence, Inc.

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