About Face-2-Face Telecommunications

Face-2-Face Telecommunications has had a profound impact on the telecommunications industry since 1994. Working closely with the Avaya’s alpha and beta teams to help develop some of Avaya’s products into what they are today, we were the first in the industry to deploy VoIP technology over a cellular data network into mobile units. Mobile users were able to have the same in-office experience while on the road.

Over the previous decade, we have refocused our R&D efforts from the development of other companies’ products, to the development of our own in-house solutions, which we deploy across a network of top-tier worldwide data centers. These solutions have expanded our customer base from our local area, to a National presence.

Business Phone and Internet
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The Benefit of Working with Us

Our competitors hate that we provide free networking equipment, free managed services, and included maintenance with our phone deployments, but our customers LOVE IT along with our full-scale design and industry-leading customer service. With regards to the equipment we manage, it is our job to keep our customers happy.

We have customers that have been with us for over a decade, and we look forward to continuing to serve them as well as newcomers for many years to come.​

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