Is VoIP Worth it for a Small Business?

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Technology has changed vastly, and sometimes small businesses can’t or won’t integrate the new tech due to cost concerns or misunderstanding of the cost-saving benefits it brings. No matter the size of your business, having a quality business phone system is an investment necessity, and one of the best to have is the VoIP phone system.

Read below and discover why small businesses need a VoIP phone.

What is a VoIP Phone System?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which came in the 1990s, and allows phone calls to go through the internet’s data network. While it isn’t a cutting-edge type of phone system, it has evolved and has become a versatile solution for phone system communications, arguably a standard type of business phone.

A VoIP can either be digital hardware or a program running on a computer or mobile device, if not a phone system in and of itself.

How VoIP Works

VoIP connects your calls to a local carrier through the internet, using a VoIP gateway, and converts your regular phone number into an internet-based connection. Essentially, VoIP phone calls work the same as a traditional phone system, but with a few differences:

  • The voice is transformed into raw data
  • The data is compressed in real-time, converting them into data packets
  • The packets travel to the VoIP service provider via a digital signal and are then converted and connected to the receiving phone.

How VoIP Phone Systems are Different Than a Traditional Business Phone

As mentioned in the previous section, VoIP phones and traditional phone lines have several differences:

  • The hardware for a new traditional phone is expensive and bulky while VoIP can be integrated into equipment you already have.
  • Traditional phones use circuit switching to make calls and only offer basic call features like ID, holding, and call waiting. VoIP transforms voice data into data packets, allowing for more options like text messaging, video conferencing, and call recording.
  • Traditional landlines require expensive equipment to scale with more wiring for every growth iteration. VoIP phones can easily have additional lines implemented without being billed accordingly.
  • Phone companies provide maintenance with your contract, but the amount of hardware needing regular maintenance can be staggering for a small business.
  • VoIP phone systems are connected to a Cloud with maintenance being done remotely by the provider.
  • Traditional phones are connected to fixed lines which can be overloaded or destroyed during natural disasters, severing a connection. VoIP phones can be immediately rerouted to other areas via the internet.

Benefits of VoIP for Small Business

VoIP phones are the most cost-effective solution for small businesses, requiring no equipment or maintenance by the company. Not only can you slash your maintenance costs, but the investment costs themselves are low as no new lines or hardware needs to be implemented. Another major benefit of using VoIP phones is their advanced features, including:

  • Conference calls
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Hold music
  • Call waiting
  • Autodialer
  • Voicemail to email or text
    Video conferencing

There are many other features you can use with your VoIP company phones depending on the provider and is cheaper than traditional telephone service providers because they often have recurring charges for add-ons.

They’re also scalable and portable. With VoIP phones, you can add new team members via an account dashboard or have your team install the right app on their smartphones, making VoIP a cost-effective and scalable phone system for your small business. Their portability allows anyone using the VoIP technology to work untethered to their desk. They are free to use other means of communication tech, such as a tablet or laptop, to access the business line. This is an excellent feature for those working remotely or traveling for business.

We at F2F Telecommunications do more than give small to medium-range businesses the VoIP phone service they need to compete without enterprise costs, we make sure they have all the data equipment too. Working with the company that is empowering Cincinnati businesses with unified communications means having your business phone systems complete and ready to go.

Explore why F2F Telecommunications leads in providing VoIP phone systems to businesses below.

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