Proactive or Reactive?

Proactive vs. reactive business telephone systems.

Although this may be a surprise to some business owners, business telephone systems are not immortal.  Like all technology, business telephone systems which are typically a critical component of any business, do have a limited life span.  Most older systems have hard drives that have been running non-stop considerably longer than any surviving desktop computer. 

To that point, I was recently called out to assist a new customer who makes yogurt.  Their system is 10+ years old and they could not receive incoming calls and their voicemail was down.  Voicemail systems typically handle the Auto Attendant, which is why they were not receiving calls, and it turned out the hard drive had failed with no backups. 

In larger corporations, the decision to upgrade takes considerably longer than repairing the existing system, so the decision was made to proceed with the repair.  Parts arrived surprisingly fast the same day, but it took another day to re-program the voicemail system from scratch.  In the end, we had a happy customer, but can your business afford to be down for 3-5+ days?

As systems age and eventually fail, you need to decide if critical system upgrades are going to be planned and scheduled with minimal downtime, or if the damage caused by an avoidable extended outage is acceptable. 

At Face-2-Face Telecommunications, we see the situations above far too often, but no matter the situation:  older systems failing, newer systems outages due to lightning strikes, or unresponsive vendors.  Face-2-Face Telecommunications is here to help you.  We much prefer the proactive planned and scheduled installs, but if you do find yourself with a down system, and depending on the size of your business and available stock, we have installed new systems for customers SAME DAY.

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