5 Useful Benefits of small business phone systems

small business phone systems

Many small businesses will consider skipping over having a phone system and cite the cost of having one or not being big enough to justify clunky hardware. These are understandable reasons, though they misrepresent where small business phone systems are now tech-wise and don’t cover the benefits that can be a great help in running your company. Technology may seem like it has moved away from phone systems, but that is only what it seems like. As of yet, nothing has replaced communication over the telephone. There are still plenty of people who’d rather speak with someone directly than wait on an email or message over a chat on your website.

Let’s go over the top 5 ways small businesses benefit from a phone system.


Whether the goal for your small business is to grow into a mid-ranged company or become a conglomerate, a good office phone system for your small business can help achieve that growth. Having a system that can grow with you without the elaborate setup or juggling several private lines for your employees creates an easier time moving up while providing the means to do so. How a small business phone system helps provide that growth is outlined in the other benefits it brings. 

Advanced Features

Any small business phone system would carry several advanced features, and while different companies offer different features to their clients, they have them nonetheless. Abilities provided from a small business phone service can include:

  • Auto Attendant
  • Caller ID
  • Call Recording
  • Call Routing
  • Voicemail to Email Transcription
  • Forwarding to Mobile Phones
  • Customer Relationship Management Integration
  • and many more

Having these features can greatly enhance how you communicate with your coworkers, employees, and customers. Enabling a new level of efficiency that makes growth easier and success far more likely between team members as well as for the company’s goals. 


A small business phone system and the features it brings to your company help present you as more professional by projecting success. Even if you’re a one-person company, which most consumers tend to shy away from, you’re able to appear as if you’re not. Customers tend to trust authority and familiarity, so having many of the features they’re accustomed to while waiting to speak with someone at the company helps to reassure them that they’re dealing with a business that is trustworthy. Having a small business phone system isn’t only about making it easier to communicate, it’s showing your customers that you care about how you communicate with them, which is like a professional.

Connecting the Team

Many people don’t realize how time-consuming it is to get up and go ask someone in the office a question or to check on the progress of a project. By connecting everyone via a small business phone system, you eliminate that wasted time and provide your team with shared resources. Using a dedicated office phone system for your small business allows workers to transfer calls to one another, have the ability to handle customers with the same tools, communicate with one another, and no longer deal with the problems that come from individual phones and numbers. 

Eliminate Costs

On its face, individual phones and lines can seem cheaper than installing a small business phone system. It’s the initial costs that can scare off companies who are flirting with growing their communication abilities. When you run the numbers though, it’s far cheaper. Having an office phone system for a small business comes with simplifying processes that eliminate time spent and, therefore, saves company dollars. You’re also able to obtain a range of features in a package rather than paying extra for every little thing you need as you grow. Not to mention that as your business grows your phone lines will too. 

On the company end, having a small business phone service makes it easier to review your charges, identify problematic calling patterns, and see your business operate in a whole new way. Identifying any issues means being able to correct them before they become too costly or even more costly. 

A Complete Could Based Phone System

Now that you know several key benefits a small business phone system can bring to your company, now it’s choosing which one suits your needs and delivers you the best options. Here at F2F Telecommunications, we not only provide all the benefits discussed above but have fused the digital age with the reliability of the office phone system. Our cloud-based phone system doesn’t require any expensive or bulky hardware and operates from multiple data centers. This gives your company the flexibility and stability it needs to thrive. We’re even able to grow with you by ensuring infinite scalability. 

We’d love the opportunity to discuss the ways in which we can help your business connect better with your customers, your employees, and any questions or concerns you may have. To start, take a look at the phones you could have around the office:

Office Phones for Your Small Business

We look forward to connecting with you.

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