5 Signs It’s Time to Scale Your Small Business Phone System

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A quality phone system is essential to companies, both to big business and small business alike. It’s important to have the technology and features that can support your service, customers, and employees in order to grow the company or ensure scalability. To know whether or not your business phone system needs to upgrade, there are several signs to look for so you scale with purpose and not waste company dollars on a new phone system without needing it.

Read below and see if your company is showing signs of needing an upgraded phone system.

Signs to Scale Your Small Business Phone System

1) The Phone System is Becoming Obsolete
Maintaining a phone system that is out of date is costly due to the technology needed to repair it or replace any equipment being harder to find, if able to find someone who knows how to. Another issue is compatibility, technology solutions can’t be added to your tech stack or connect with other platforms if the phone system is behind what you need to integrate.

2) The Phone System Lacks Essential Features
The current phone system your company is using may be adequate, in terms of communicating on the phone with others, but small businesses then miss out on features and functionalities that support your customers and employees in significant ways. For example, call routing based on customer profiles and customer issues rather than the first available person. Does your phone system support call quality monitoring or call transcriptions? There are modern features that greatly benefit companies beyond call centers.

3) The Phone System Isn’t Scalable
Older model business phone systems have a limited capacity that can only support a specific amount of users and lines, which can cause severe problems when maximum capacity is reached. If you’re working to grow your small business, you’ll need a phone system that is scalable, like a VoIP phone system.

4) The Phone System Has Security Vulnerabilities
Security is among the top priorities for any business, whether a small business or a large enterprise. An older model phone system is much more vulnerable to attack and easily intercepted as it has been around long enough for modern technology and hackers to easily circumvent its security protocols. VoIP phone systems have a much higher security ability than other types of phone services and can be updated to stay current via the cloud.

5) The Phone System Can’t Support Remote
Nearly 40% of companies now have remote teams and even if you’re business doesn’t offer remote work, it’s an ability that can prove useful to your company. Employees are able to connect to the business phone system from anywhere and the VoIP phone system provides that remote function while delivering flexibility. Having this feature on standby also means that if you ever decide to implement a remote option, it’s already in place and won’t require additional work or costs to get going.

Discover the VoIP Phone System

It’s important to have the tools to allow growth in your company and communication technology is an essential factor in the space to grow. We at F2F Telecommunications provide VoIP business phone systems to both medium and small businesses, helping them secure enterprise-level technology without enterprise-level costs. We handle the maintenance, updates, and programming so you can focus on your business rather than setting up its communication abilities. Working with the company that is empowering Cincinnati businesses with unified communications means having your business phone systems complete and ready to go without being bogged down in updates and digital management.

Explore why F2F Telecommunications leads in providing VoIP phone systems to businesses below.

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