UniFi Access Points

Dead spots around the office or weak signals can damper efficiency and dictate organization. Making sure everyone has a strong enough signal or access to internet cables in imperative in order to work. With an UniFi access point, your teams and talent can stay connected without getting lost in a clunk of routers, ethernet cords, or roaming around looking for a strong enough WiFi connection.

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What UniFi Access Points Do

What wireless access points offer Cincinnati business is an extension of their network. Granting signal coverage with an integrated, directional antenna that consumes small amounts of power. UniFi’s devices can be placed on a high shelf and out of sight or with wall and ceiling mounts, giving you control over where the network needs to be extended. Keep in mind that like all wireless devices, where you put it is also important. Essentially, the more intervening walls and blockage, the less strength the WiFi signal has.

There are several types of UniFi access devices, using Power Over Ethernet (POE) to avoid an electrical cord or wall outlet for each of the devices. This gives you greater control over where you can place them and ensure greater coverage.

Network and Performance Benefits

The UniFi access points are ideal for an office space that has a lot of barriers or is cluttered with ethernet cables, even for commercial spaces that have an outdoor area where employees like to work.

Some of the benefits an access point brings to your business include:

  • Unlimited scalability
  • Improves coverage to dead areas
  • Secure WiFi
  • Boosts internet speeds several times over
  • Eliminates dropouts
    more affordable than numerous routers and bunches of cords

These devices are an excellent way to extend your WiFi and boost performance while giving your employees more freedom of movement.

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