Data Equipment for VoIP Phone Systems

With a VoIP phone system, having the proper equipment is key, beyond ease of use and functionality. The right equipment means having the right security as well. 

We at Face-2-Face Telecommunications do more than provide the best phone package systems for small and medium-sized businesses, our VoIP phones come with everything you need to connect internally as well as with customers. The data features for our VoIP business phone systems include:

  • Gigabit PoE Switch Hardware
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • 5Ghz WiFi
  • Separate Managed Guest Network

Discover how the data equipment we provide ensures and enables you to meet all your communication needs.

Business Phone and Internet
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up close image of a network firewall.

High-speed Gigabit Data Switches

Using a high-speed Gigabit data switch, you can move data around your networks at 10,100 or 1000mbps to better handle all the data from all the devices. This helps reduce congestion on a busy office network and greatly enhances large file transfer, as well as streaming, and a host of other regular business activities that require data.

Phone and Data Network Firewall

You can protect the data shared over the phone from cyber threats. Many people think that conversations and information stored on business phones can’t be hacked, but these days nearly anything can be. It’s important to protect company data shared via VoIP phones with a firewall to reduce cyber risks and secure your IT networks.

Wireless Access Point Locations

In today’s world, you and your employees can’t always be tied to desk phones, nor should you mix private phones with business ones. Not only is it a security risk, but it can also create messy situations. With wireless access point locations, you can expand network connectivity to remote areas of the office or places out of range instead of running more cables throughout. This way, you can be sure you are keeping your network secure and your data safe, all while keeping communication open.

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